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Parents and Carers Comments

'Thank you so much for the care you have given.  My child has settled so happily and thrived with you all.  Happy Hands has become part of his daily life and he has excitedly asked "Happy Hands today?" every morning.  You've given him an excellent start and introduction to education and allowed him to flourish away from home.  Thank you Happy Hands Ladies and fondest memories'


'My child has loved coming to Happy Hands.  There has honestly not been one morning that I have woke him up for school and he's not wanted to come.  He has made some great friends and he has grown so much within himself, his confidence has grown and he has learnt so much whilst being at Happy Hands - Thank you.'

'My child has really enjoyed his time at Happy Hands.  With your help he has become a lot more independent.  He has made some lovely friends who he will carry on being with as he moves onto school.  I have found all staff to be very friendly and very supportive.  Always there to offer a cuddle to my son when he has felt a bit insecure.  You have given him a great start to his education.  Thank you.'

'My daughters time at Happy Hands has been wonderful from the day she started.  She has enjoyed every moment.  With the support of all the lovely staff she has blossomed into a lovely little girl.  She has gained a lot of confidence and also made a lovely group of friends.  I honestly can't thank you enough for the care that she has received whilst starting off her learning journey with all of you at Happy Hands.'

'We are very pleased with Happy Hands.  All of the staff are friendly and very helpful.  Our daughter has learnt so much from Happy Hands and enjoys going everyday.  She has made many friends.'

'Our son had loved every day of Happy Hands.  Over the past two years we have seen his confidence grow and he has learnt so much from being there.  There is so much care and support from all the staff which extends to the parents too.  We have both made some great friends and take away some very special memories.  Thank you all so much for the last two years and for helping our son to become the lovely caring boy he is.  We wish you all the very best for the future.'

'Our son has loved going to Happy Hands, he is always talking about it to everyone.  He gets upset when I tell him school is not on today.  He has grown up so much since September 2012.  He has learnt a lot at Happy Hands.  All the staff have helped him to become the person he is today, especially his keyworker.  You are all lovely and caring towards Austin and the other children.  Austin has made lots of friends.  He has loved his time at Happy Hands, it will be sad to see it all end, but thanks to all of you, he is ready to start big school.'

'Happy Hands has been brilliant from the beginning.  Helping our daughter to transition from mums and tots to pre-school, with her keyworkers help.  Now she runs in and does not look back, happy and confident, thanks to all the staff who have been there for me if I had any concerns about her.  Every week pre-school comes up with a new theme for the children to learn making it fun for the children to learn.  Our daughters favourite part is playing with her new friends that she has made at pre-school.  Now there is the new breakfast club Happy Hands will continue to support her and I would just like to say "Thank you again" to all the staff from our little girl, me and her dad for preparing her for her next chapter in school life.'

'We have been extremely happy with the care and support that our son has received whilst being at Happy Hands.  The first few months were very tough for all of us with him not settling, but all staff helped and in particular Jo, his keyworker, made this a lot less stressful for us all.  He has developed into a lovely sensitive little boy and I feel this has progressed over time from being with his friends.  Jo has been outstanding with our little boy and he talks very highly of her, and I'm sure he will miss her, as he will all of you (and me!!).  All staff are very approachable and have a lovely manner towards all of the children.  We wish you all every success in the future and will certainly miss Happy Hands and "the ladies".'

'Our daughter has really enjoyed her time at Happy Hands, everyday she has been excited to come.  All the staff have helped her grow into a friendly, helpful, caring little girl who has grown in confidence and she has learn't so much in preparation for school.  The support she has received has been lovely and the support has been extended to the family, especially to her younger sister who always wants to stay and play.'

' My son has thoroughly enjoyed coming to Happy Hands.  He misses coming on Thursday's and thinks you should be open!  I have always been able to have my children in your care with total confidence that they are well cared for, educated to their level and treated well.  With my son being my 4th child to attend and now leave Happy Hands I look back on how you ladies have always been professional, consistent and caring for all my children.  I thank you all!'

'Our daughter has enjoyed coming to Happy Hands and settled very quickly helped by the staff getting to know her very quickly.  She has had a lovely relationship with Jo her keyworker, and feels safe and secure with her.  All the staff have helped her be ready to move onto school life, especially encouraging independence.'

'My boys have not been at Happy Hands for long but have loved every minute.  They would go every day if they could!  They have helped prepare them for school and the staff are loving and caring to all the children and form close bonds quickly.'