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What can I expect from pre-school?

You can expect your child to be cared for in a safe, secure and stimulating environment by fully qualified, professional and caring staff.  You can expect your child's emotional, physical and developmental needs to be catered for in a sensitive and caring manner.  Your child will be able to play both indoors and outdoors, accessing a wide range f toys and equipment.  Our staff regularly attend training courses to ensure their knowledge of child development is current and up to date with regard to any changes in pre-school education.

What do I need to bring for my child?

It is advisable to send into pre-school each day a spare set of clothing in a named bag and also an outdoor coat and suitable outdoor shoes or wellington boots, depending on the season.  During the summer months a sun hat is also necessary and sun cream should be applied for outdoor play.  For younger children who still wear nappies or pull-ups we would ask that you also provide spare nappies, pull-ups, wipes, creams etc in a named bag.  Children may wish to use their own potty or toilet seat from home.

Do I need to label my child's clothing?
It is advisable to label pre-school uniform items if you choose for your child to wear it and to also label outdoor clothing.
Am I able to book additional sessions?
We always try to accommodate parents needs and additional sessions can be booked, subject to availability. Please check with either of the Pre-School Managers, who will be able to advise on availability.
What do I do if my child does not settle?
All children are allocated a keyworker to help them settle into the pre-school environment and it is unusual for a child not to settle once a parent has gone.  A range of methods can be used to help a child settle into pre-school, including both home visits and visits to the setting with a parent before a child's start date.  Any concerns can be discussed with your child's keyworker or with one of the Pre-School Managers, to ensure a smooth transition from home to pre-school.

What do I do if my child is ill?

If your child is ill and cannot attend pre-school we would be grateful if you could contact us and advise us of their absence on (01536) 721114, or e:mail us at or send us a message on facebook.  If your child becomes ill whilst at pre-school we will continuously care for your child and at the same time contact you straight away and ask you to come and collect your child.  If the child's parents cannot be contacted we will contact each emergency contact on the child's registration form in turn until an arrangement has been made to collect the ill child.

If I am concerned about my child can I ring the setting?

We welcome telephone calls from parents at any time.  Our telephone number is (01536) 721114.

Who can collect my child from pre-school?

Any nominated persons on the child's registration form can collect from pre-school.  Strict security measures are in place and we will not release your child into the care of anyone that has not been authorised by yourself. 

When and how are fees paid?

Fees are payable monthly in advance and can be paid by cash, cheque or BACS.  Any arrears will result in the exclusion of your child.

Do I pay fees when my child is not at pre-school?

Due to financial constraints, booked places must be paid for with a four week notice period being required for cancellation of any sessions.  If we are given four weeks notice for routine hospitalisation a 10% deduction will be made from your child fees. For emergency hospitalisation fees will be waived whilst your child is in hospital.

Can I bring food and drinks into pre-school?

We have a Healthy Eating policy at pre-school and provide a variety of nutritious snacks during each session, along with a drink of either milk or water, so it is not necessary for parents to provide refreshments.  Sweets are treats are discouraged unless it is to celebrate a birthday or special event.  Our snack menu is displayed on the parents notice board and in the event of special dietary needs, every effort will be made to accommodate these.  

What happens if I will be late collecting my child from pre-school?

If you will be unable to collect you child on time it is the parents responsibility to arrange for one of your nominated persons to collect your child on your behalf and inform the pre-school accordingly.  Failure to do so will result in a late collection fee being charged.

If my child has an injury will I be told?

All injuries, however minor, are recorded in our accident book and will give details of the nature of the injury, treatment given and the member of staff who dealt with the injury.  Parents are advised of any injuries when collecting their child and will be asked to check the content and sign the accident book.  Further information is provided in the case of a head injury and if a child has a more serious injury parents will be telephoned immediately.

Do you have policies and procedures?

The pre-school has a clear set of policies and procedures, copies of which are available on request or can be found on the pre-school parents information table.

What does pre-school do with my personal information?

Any personal information is stored securely and is used to assist with the care of your child.  It is vital that we are advised of any changes in your emergency contact details.  All staff have agreed to abide by our confidentiality policy.